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Want to license a toll-free number and domain? We can help you with that.
Latin Marketing and Communication Corp. has a variety of different toll-free numbers and domain names to fit your preference. You can a register a .com, .net or .org for only $25.00 a year at
We can also assist you with 1-800 toll free numbers or alternate 1-877,
1-866 numbers that can accompany your domain name.

Here are some examples that demonstrate some possibilities for your potential
toll-free numbers and domain names:

1-800-Find Work®1800FINDWORK.COM

1-800-Real Savings®1800REALSAVINGS.COM



Or if you are a bilingual Spanish–Speaking attorney you might want to register in our
International Attorney Directories at

In the alternative, if you are a bilingual tri-state New York attorney you can join us at our more local attorney directory